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DeLaval cell counter DCC

Improve your herd’s udder health

Feel confident about your herd’s health at any given time. On-time information lets you take action proactively, to efficiently control the performance of your herd.

Daily monitoring of the somatic cell count level and trends will give you in-depth knowledge of your herd, a necessary base when planning for the future.

Early detection of mastitis

  • Treatment at an early stage
  • Quick recovery and less production loss
  • Efficient control of mastitis
  • Less risk of penalties or loss of bonus payment

Dry cow management

  • Monitor which cow or quarter needs treatment at drying off
  • Less use of costly antibiotics

Efficient follow-up of fresh cow udder health

  • Early detection of infected cows for relevant treatment
  • Clear signal when to send milk to the tank

Immediate follow-up of mastitis treated cows

  • Clear signal if the cow is successfully treated
  • Clear signal when to send milk to the tank

Direct check of udder health at purchase and sale

  • Less risk of spreading mastitis into or out of the herd

Clear visibility of the somatic cell count whenever you like

  • Personal satisfaction of making the right decisions on time

DeLaval calf feeder CF150X


DeLaval calf feeder CF150X is the high capacity, economical answer to an efficient feeding program. This durable system offers you a high return on your investment by simultaneously handling the feeding of up to 100 calves, utilizing four CF150X calf feeders, controlled by one processor.

delaval calf feeder cf150

Investing in a computerized feeding station pays for itself quickly. The processor can include pre-setting of each calf’s feed ration to include the exact amount of concentrates as required. This will allow you more time focus on other areas of your business. Easily installed on or near the station, the processor offers a faster track to efficient calf management and its user-friendly software simplifies your daily feeding routine.

delaval calf feeder

DeLaval calf feeder CF1000

DeLaval calf feeder CF1000 is a cost efficient tool for rearing healthy calves. It is available with either ALPRO™ or stand-alone control, with a choice of basic or premium equipment levels.

DeLaval calf feeder CF1000 with ALPRO™ connects to the ALPRO™ herd management system, for programming specific ration and feeding plans – data which can also be viewed on the calf feeder’s hand held terminal.

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