Milk Cooling

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Milk Coolers

Mueller milk coolers are well known for their long life, dependability, and high resale value. Consider them the safest place to store your income.

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Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate heat exchanger saves you energy at the milk cooler. Find out how!

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Heat Recovery

Mueller Fre-Heaters turn wasted heat energy into free hot water, which can be used for all your equipment and cleaning needs.

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Refrigeration Units

Two refrigeration units are available for milk coolers: the HiPerForm and the Model OE, both operate at the height of efficiency. Find out which is right for your operation! Refrigeration Units

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Control Systems

Mueller offers two control system models for managing your cooler’s cleaning, agitation, and refrigeration functions: the Sentry II and the Model OE. Both are highly efficient and an asset to your dairy operation.

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Our chiller packages produce a chilled liquid solution for pre-cooling or instant cooling milk temperatures prior to storage. Better yet, they are designed for diversity and expandability to your operation.

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The Mueller dairy farm silo is available from 6,000 gallons to 15,000-gallon capacities and is designed to meet 3A sanitary standards for on-the-farm bulk milk storage. It includes 3 inches of rigid insulation, 40 square feet of heat transfer area, and external liquid level gauge.

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Smooth Operator

The DeLaval Smooth Operator milk transfer system smoothes out the peaks and valleys in milk flow generated by a conventional milk pump. It literally reduces energy costs and increases milk quality by controlling your milk flow rate. With the Smooth Operator, milk moves in a constant stream and spends more contact time being cooled in the plate heat exchanger. As a result, milk enters the tank at a lower temperature to reduce energy costs.

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