Cleaning Equipment

DeLaval cleaning unit C125


The DeLaval cleaning unit C125 is designed to handle even large dairies and helps ensure consistent, well-formed water-slugs. These slugs combine with properly selected DeLaval sanitation products. Correct volumes of water are then added at the right temperature, to consistently clean the milking system.

An integral part of the DeLaval cleaning unit C125 is the trombone.


The Base unit is designed as a retrofit unit to replace current washers for stanchion barns and small parlors. The Unit is set up so that the existing external items (drains, divert valves, etc) can be used. The main washer control box houses the water valves, air valves (to activate the vacuum operated air injector) and divider valves. It also contains chemical pumps, a 110-volt to 24-volt transformer and a control board. Relay boxes or relays to run external items, divider valves, air injector, safety switch and other accessories must be ordered separately.


The C125 modular units are designed to fit into new installations where no pre-existing washing components will be used. This electronically controlled unit can be customized to the exact requirements of your milking system. Modular design allows for easy selection of the best options – offering a tailored solution for every farm. Different sized components can be mixed to match the demands of the system. The control box, chemical injectors, water valves and power supply are all packaged separately. They can be installed at different locations in the barn.


The C125 washer controller is a versatile unit with 65 programming functions to fit most system needs. The controller and peripherals operate at a safe 24 VAC/24 VDC.

Kleen-O-Matic Plus

With 70 programmable functions, the Kleen-O-Matic Plus can be customized to fit any size system. With its chemical injection capacity, extended secondary water fill time, enhanced air injection controls, the Kleen-O-Matic Plus positions itself as the perfect solution for cleaning larger size parlors.

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