DeLaval Parlor Automation

Delaval Stanchion Barn Automation

MPC 100 Series

The DeLaval MPC 100 series is designed with flexibility in mind. This series of automation ranges from a basic take-off to a full selection of functions like individual pulsation control, milk sweep, kick off alarms, and milk weights.

DeLaval MPC680

The DeLaval MPC680 offers full herd management capabilities. Combine this detacher with a DeLaval ICAR approved meter, and DeLaval Delpro to gain complete control over your herd, and the data that it generates. Making management decisions easier once you have the correct data.

DeLaval Stanchion Barn Automation


  • Icar approved milk meter
  • Stable vacuum technology
  • Wireless communication with computer
  • Automatic cluster removal
  • Smart ID
  • DelPro software

DeLaval Blue

  • Economical
  • Decreases milking time
  • Consistent milking
  • Duovac – vacuum adjustment

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