Milking Point Control Units

MPC 110

If you are looking for a basic and affordable control unit that can handle your herd size, the MPC 100 delivers the quality and durability found in much more expensive control units.

MPC 130

The MPC 130 offers a full range of take-off functions that allow you to fine tune the milking session to match your managment style. The unit has program features like milk sweep, claw drop and maximum unit attachment time which improve milking efficiency.

MPC 150

The MPC 150 is the top of the line unit with all the functionality of the MPC 130 unit and the added ability to control the pulsation system. This allows you to have the same flexibility to select pulsation rate and ratios to change the take-off values on the detacher. The added value is that the pulsators stop running after the unit is removed from the cow reducing the noise in the parlor. This also reduces the CFM requirements on the vacuum system and extends the life of your pulsators.

MPC 150 with Flow Indicator FI5

In addition to milk weights and flow rates, the addition of the FI5 flow indicator (non DHIA approved), enables the MPC 150 to adjust the pulsation ration to match the milking speed of the cow. The pulsation ratio begins the individual milking session at a lower milk/rest ratio which is gentler on the cow and increases as the milk flow increases, speeding up the milk evacuation process and shortening milking unit on time.

Stanchion Barn Automation

MU Blue

  • Two-Level Duovac Vacuum
  • Low milk flow indicator
  • Electronic pulsation
  • Wireless Communication
  • Milk yield indicator
  • Milk phase indicator
  • DelPro capable
  • Lightweight


  • Two-Level Vacuum
  • Low milk flow indicator
  • Electronic pulsation
  • Integrates to DelPro
  • Wireless Communication
  • Milk yield indicator


  • Icar approved milk meter
  • Stable vacuum technology
  • Wireless communication with computer
  • Automatic cluster removal
  • Smart ID
  • DelPro software

DeLaval Carrier Rail

DeLaval carrier rail system enables milkers to efficiently work throughout the barn, without physically carrying milking units and supplies. It is an ergonomically investment that can also be used for chores like moving milk buckets to the calves.

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